Saturday, October 12, 2013

Staff Treats: the next chapter

Our theme centered around National Bring You Bear to Work Day. Since our mascot is the Bears, we thought it fitting! Thanks to my dad for gluing the sign! I used the popular and pin worthy mirror print and get wet transfer system for the words.

The Food! We represented famous bears with our food choices. For example, Goldilocks's stolen porridge was apple oatmeal (also from pintrest), the sugar cookies were "Help camouflage Yogi!" (cream cheese sugar cookie recipe, from pintrest), the egg casserole was Fozzie bear "Wa-ka wa-ka Yolk's on you", Smokey the Bear for smoked salmon spread and smoked sausage/egg/potato casserole, and Pooh's honey sticks (chocolate dipped pretzels). 

This was a German Chocolate cake with pecans, because I didn't have any at 9:30 pm when I was making the topping. Made with the puzzle cake system Randi gave me. Shout out to Di!

Grab and Go snack cups with Swedish Fish and Teddy Graham s'mores mix.

I love the decore part, and Meghann did a great job setting the table! Those are flameless candles, of course.Blueberry granola bars finished it off as a quiet homage to Sal.

A few of my favorite bears joined the party. Darcy even sported his Tahoma spirit. A special thanks to Mrs. Tootles and Wally who came along with the Paratrooper and the red bear from Sedro-Woolley.

We even had that big, P.E. uniformed bear come all the way from the library to partake in the fun. I think everyone liked it and most of the food was eaten...a great success indicator! We've already started thinking about April.